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New word in website analysis software. Site Content Analyzer parses website for keywords, suggests
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9 June 2008

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The popularity and relevance of any website can be reckoned with the help of Page Rank. For achieving higher Page Rank, the website must have- huge number of quality inbound links, and a lucid website content. Inbound links are negotiable entities, but analyzing manually web-content is not an easy task at all, and webmasters often look for adequate assistance in achieving this goal. In this situation, Site Content Analyzer 3 3.2 seems to be a boon for web developers, as it performs the task in an easy going manner. The process involves three simple steps- enter the URL of the website, the program would parse it and finally you get all the detailed information regarding your site. It shows the relevant key-phrases and the keywords for all the pages, that helps you to know site rank with the search engines.

The interface of the Site Content Analyzer 3 3.2 is a compilation of different features that helps the user to analyze the content of the site. The analysis would help you to increase your site rank as well as to increase the site traffic. You can start with creating a new project and select the online project or offline (local) project. Like, if we select and online project, then you need to enter the URL of the site that you want to analyze. Select the count for the simultaneous downloading threads and link depth to follow. Finish the steps and the program processes the site to get the relevant information. Completing the process the program shows the details at the mid area of the screen. You can get the details in different mode that are keyword mode, key phrases mode, keyword density and weight mode, linked pages, information mode and keyword cloud. Save and export the data in CSV file format and use to for the development of your site.

Site Content Analyzer 3 3.2 analyzes the content to get keywords and links related information to make your site rank higher on search engines, which would assist in increasing traffic. The program works proficiently to get the data and the features are user friendly, for which the software has been given 4 rating points.

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Site Content Analyzer 3 is new word in website parsing. As you know, website rank depends on two main factors: the amount and the quality of inbound links and the amount and the quality of website content. Both elements are crucial in SEO and every webmaster concerning about the rank should pay a close attention to each of them.
However, analyzing website content is not as easy if performed manually. Especially, if you want to compare your standings with the leading sites in your niche. Fortunately, with Site Content Analyzer 3 the task is as easy as 1-2-3. At first, you specify the URL of a website you would like to parse (local pages are OK too). Second, Site Content Analyzer 3 parses it. And finally, you see the most accurate and detailed information about your website you ever could get with any other tool.
Site Content Analyzer 3 shows you the most relevant keywords and keyphrases for each page of your website and the site-wide leaders too, with it you can discover whether your site meets search engine guidelines, that is learn such parameters as: keyword density, keyword weight, distiribution of keywords across website, you can learn the link structure of your website and many other crucial info.
Moreover, all the info can be exported into CSV for even deeper analysis. Additionally, you can create a highly customizable branded report, save it as PDF and send it by e-mail to your client. Site Content Analyzer 3 fully supports Unicode, so you can analyze almost any website in any language. The best part - you can try Site Content Analyzer 3 completely FREE for 30 days and evaluate its power before purchase.
Site Content Analyzer 3
Site Content Analyzer 3
Version 3.2
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